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Manfred Busch and Associates - Management Consultants

The management consulting firm, Manfred-Busch-Consulting (MBC) was founded in 1993. Its main activity is in providing economic and business consulting to companies with a maximum turnover of € 50 million. In addition, we also provide advice and consulting to entrepreneurs, start ups and confidential commercial counselling to individuals and auditing services.

Our extensive involvement in numerous companies and projects have allowed MBC to become a multi skilled, multi faceted organisation with several areas of expertise. All assignments are supervised by Dipl.-Kfm. Manfred Busch, owner and founder of MBC, who has an international reputation. This reputation has been achieved by performing auditing and consulting duties in, and with, various auditing, management consulting and investment advisory firms. This experience allows MBC to offer themselves as consultants to organisations and individuals operating in the Retail and Manufacturing spheres, as well as to Federal and Local Government Authorities, Hospitals and Healthcare Providers and also to non profit organizations.

Our advice and management consulting spectrum includes:

Economic advice and assessment to companies according to their business imperatives within the European Union.

Consulting to Entrepreneurs and Start Ups who, by definition, require a prompt response to their circumstances and their perceived opportunities. Particularly if they require prompt and intensive contact with their advisor within the Hamburg region! MBC can provide this immediate response with the consequent cost savings and prompt decision making possibilities.

Confidential Individual business and valuation advice. Clients can use MBC for the counselling of all their economic and valuation issues.

In order to guarantee the best possible consulting options and results, MBC collaborates with auditing and investment firms, legal organisations as well as other professionals and experts.


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