Manfred Busch

management consultant

Ernst-Behrens-Straße 20
25336 Elmshorn

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MBC - Economic and Management Consulting

Our extensive experience in Auditing and Consulting duties within auditing and investment advisory firms, coupled with extensive consulting to companies in all areas has allowed us to achieve significant competence in the areas of:

Providing expert opinion or comment upon economic matters

Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of organisations as a whole or departments and divisions within a company

Introduction measures to enable companies to achieve or improve their financial position by advising and assisting companies in improving their income/sales, reducing their costs with the resultant improvement in their bottom line

Review of organizations and their business processes, their markets and their structure

Review, design and implementation of Cost Accounting systems

Short term profit improvement

Company planning and forecasting

Review, design and implementation of Internal Control systems

Review, design and implementation of Management Information systems

Investment/Project Feasibility/Profitability studies


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